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Sponta.neous renal lesions are not uncommon in the dog. As a rule
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determinations were all normal. The electrocardiogram
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„„ lin,.,s llial is. in nn'n uln. in tlir |hi roitiiMn. f tlicir <lail.v illlti.^s
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nail and its environment has been undertaken for the purpose of
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torial staff of The Journal in one issue; second, present
motilium and imodium samen
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c'liiii'i'nn'd in tho iiiti'jrration of tin' in'oprioi'rptivo impulses oriL'inatid hy
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lia\e lieeii deri\ed Ifom | jic lioiiy |)riitciii. as-,ni;iiiiL;' tlial tliis eaii t'oi-ni
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Defense — Charles E. Hyndman. St. Louis, Chairman (1948);
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The aorta is quite elastic throughout Aside from a very few small
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caught on a level with the floors of the upper closets. In one of these closets a Jet of live
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monia at the left base ; later, signs of fluid appeared.
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only one death in each group, and in both of the fatal
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whole glaiKl ov ..f tlif ..r .xtiiuMs of it; Imt as wf procncd to
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after which the excreted fraction remains constant (;it ahout oiietcnthV
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and are located in rather close proximity to products which are being prepared for food.
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yellow purulent material of creamy consistency. The cayity measures 7.5
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Tinlnv nml Wiitw.n'. A.: Il.i.l.. L'- .. Jl -. ..l .'■.'iin.l :;77.
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of plddiieiiiir actuall.v alismh heal, so that the halanec lictwceii licat-
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ical Association are running smoothly and in accord
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ing problems. Mr. Charles M. Clark is in attendance.
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Robuck,-® there is still a possibility of emboli reach-
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In the period immediately preceding this the animal received 12.91
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monocytes. (She had a year-round allergic rhinitis,
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have for considering this system an anatomical and physiological entiiy.
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Tables II, III, and IV give a survey of the experiments. In every
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"'.vere made to fa:;f. lu the case of man, fur instance, allantoin would be
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picious pullets were brought to the laboratory for obeerration. One of these
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of the industry. But before they could go on with the work it was
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the muscle of a rabbit produces typical, fatal rabies, often as rapidly
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thyroid with diminution in number of acini is striking. Practically no colloid
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also given excellent results, and but for the time required would be
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condition were found. On examination of the eye-grounds of the second
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vessels may be seen, differentiating arteries from veins. The arteries