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memorandum in full. A few excerpts will give some slight idea

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i» heat to prick them out into cold frame* while they are qnite

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disease is like investigating the cold pipes in a steam heating

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tions, granulomas and progressive changes. The histological descriptions

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circulatory equilibirum has been maintained for at least one month.

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Fortnightly, report several cases, one a case of atropin poisoning in which

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stable plenty of fresh sir and it will be distributed throughout the

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had to do with the disturbed self or somatic side of the double

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cisely the same manner as acids ; and, sometime previously, Berg and

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remedy in many cases of so-called "tobacco heart," in the overacting

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tometry is making a concerted political effort to be-

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sustained-release capsules (Pavabid), and the treatment

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hopes in thousands of sufferers; and of the humiliation of medical men

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of each; if he suggests douches, he tells the frequency, quantity, tempera-

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mediately prior to the convening of the House of Dele-

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It is unnecessary to cite further instances, but in every case

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junction with the Medico-Pharmaceutical Section at the Cleveland Med-

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Roosevelt, having sustained paralytic poliomyelitis

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taken into account, as a very considerable difference in this

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venient to group all cases which cannot be otherwise explained

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is essenaal that they be present when s- .warm issues, taeasun the

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more sushine, hope and new life among his fellow beings,

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death in three cases of splenomyelogenous leukemia, and is of

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Please provide information regarding the use of bro-

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in a study of 142 consecutive cases of congenital syphilis 6 idiots.

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in a standard experimental model. 53 ’ 54 Since amy-

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impoverished milk, or that will impart to it unnatural odors or flavors.

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Galton was meanwhile laying the foundations of engenics

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oped a partial tolerance for the effects of the drug,

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back on those States which, through their preeminence in popula-

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American people for the relief of constipation. The proctologist is best

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twenty deaths caused by the administration of bismuth preparations inter-

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sprinkle a little coal oil over it, and turn the seed every day for

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Please provide information regarding the use of bro-

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bolts put ttrough the wall. thr« in the bottom «id three in the

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not until a comparatively short time ago that the opinion of med-

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to action. Is there anything else needed in the solution of this

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chemical laboratory (Jour. A. M. A., December 31, 1910, p. 2314).

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In conclusion, procaine may have a possible antide-