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Passed in A natomij and. Phiisiotogy on Tuesday, April nth.— J. W. Jfyler,
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pendicitis, in inflamed and ulcerated appendix, was the swel-
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in " shivering " which causes the leg to straighten outwards,
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three things conspiring to account for it. In the first place,
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seventy burial grounds some G,000 stillborn children had been
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ment is admitted, we are informed, to an interview with the
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of public vaccinator is no sinecure, open as the officer is to evei-y absurd
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far as pressure was exercised— were the fornix, corpus cal-
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change was found. The appendix was found after a long
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in the distribution of the fee-fund, each professor should have
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Street on April 2Uth, opens up once more the question of the
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sented by the members of an ambulance class conducted by
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composed of some resinous substance, but a histological examination
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and Rawtenstall had also multiple attacks, and the Barrow district did
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pyrexial influence could be excluded were in realily very
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deep prick with a needle is scarcely felt. When forced to
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Next, I say that small-pox is lessened in severity by the use
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acted without any legal warrant, but that was not sufficient
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it could not force on the local Indian Medical Service, would
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others of the same character, was referred to the Executive
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Some few years ago one of my sons was at a pretty well-
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fingers, burst, and gave exit to about li oz. of greenish in-
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and by others as meaning the primary cause physically ; so
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the antivaccinators that judgment should be suspended and
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tion is erysipelas. What do we find in reference to that disease?
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Some interesting particulars as to the present condition of medical edu-
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sent in India, which, under the plea of economy, is bent on
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it seemed to contravene all the laws applicable to the treat-
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the time. The writer's friends do not seem to be a very
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son, on May 19th at the Temperance Hospital. It was stated
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%* It has been our custom for many years past to arrange under local
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this view it has been arranged that a demonstration by his
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