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It may follow obsessions, hypochondriasis, hysteria, or neurasthenia ; and
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Horsley, Victor A. H, F.R.C.S., F.R.S., Surgeon to University College Hospital and
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Vacad. gen. mid. 1856. — 3. Jones, Handfield. Brit. Med. Jour. 6th June 1863. — I.
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The acute and curable form may be of short duration, dangerous to life,
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London Hospital, etc. i2mo. Cloth, pp. xvii + 233. Price $ 1.00 net.
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Recurrent mania occurs as a rule in neurotic persons who, having had
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iodoform is an efficient antiseptic, and almost wholly free from the
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immunity of the palms in a certain proportion of cases is undoubtedly
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192. Fibroma molluscum: 11. Lancet, 1873, i. p. 410. — 12. Medical Times and
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this is needed than the fact that as much as 86 per cent — or let us say
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elevation, which at first is hard, and looks solid, so that it is called a
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of a supernatural or demoniacal influence. Readers of
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reduced, but their duration will almost certainly be prolonged.
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institute with a variety of callings for the adults ; and (c) a home for the
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ally in 1749 at the Westminster election, when Lord Tren-
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Intercurrent febrile conditions have often been followed by recovery
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of the disease it complicates. Thus nsevoid marks and stains are seen in
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recurrences with intervals of health ; or it may be a recrudescence of
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In weighings with a microbalance the effects of both tempera-
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are more directly in our path, in the pursuit of whatever
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them from the diffuse pigmentary disorders described under the title
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Andriezen as associated with the amnesia so characteristic of some forms
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and thence to Salisbury and Oxford; and the Londoners,
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facial is specially related. The irritation may be in a carious tooth, or
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cess of Dr. Nathan Smith, will be remembered by every
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or when placed on her feet may be forced to progress by a series of spring-
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in dissecting bodies preserved with arsenic is congestion and extreme
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take his life, and who intends to kill him there and then, attacks and
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that the certainty of the future disadvantage is another element which
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zinci oxidi gr. xxx., aq. calcis, ol. olivse, aa gss.); Liq. carbonis detergens
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Excessive self-consciousness has no doubt some influence, and unfortu-
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of Nancy, of hereditary suicidal monomania ; Dr. Bremaud, of Brest, of
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new cause of stress overpower the patient again ; in the class of persons
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dry, when they are prone to adopt means which the law does not approve
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room wall. He was quite aware of their unreality, and did not scream
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movement of the oxygen in the affected cells by taking it up from one
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down between them, produces, as it cornifies, the irregular horny plugs
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In all occupations involving prolonged strain there is a liability
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7. Brissaud. Journ. de mid. et chir. prat. Par. 1894, lxv. p. 49. — 8. Debrou.