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examination under ether, by Dr. R. W. Lovett and my-
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Taylor extension-splint and was suffering much from
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is given by inunction, it does not have to pass through
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o to 10 per cent, solution of silver nitrate. In some cases it
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compact organization the medical profession of the United
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tiiere is not sufScient compensation, e. g., pulmonary
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in place. The operation has even been done successfully
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correcting septal deviation is preferable to general anesthesia,'
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tisements have been refused, the quality of which were ques-
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a ratio of mortality of 37.5 per cent. The death-rate
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had done it nine times in the last three years, and had saved
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or less niunerous, some enclosing pol5^ucIear cells. Lympho-
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form or A. C. E. ; for those on the tongue and mouth,
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C. Vaugban, Ann Arbor, Mich., for Louis M. Gelston.
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electric stimuli. This irregularly progressive march of
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on the inner aspect of the foot and securing relief in
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consist of such members of the state societies, together with
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matter of rates for the medical meetings in St. Paul, Minn.,
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herein described. His parents, who are dead, enjoyed
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find, show that the active cause of a disease may be
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the sponge, which was most marked opposite the bifur-
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months from recurrence in both lungs. The stump was unaffected.
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new resources for prolonging life. Potassium iodid has the
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dentally, as the result of accidental fracture, without
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sion was close to the tourniquet to get above the neoplasm, bo recur-
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San Francisco, Cal., en route to Manila, P. I., for duty In the Di-
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117 Sarglcal Treatment of Abdominal Dropsy following Cirrhosis
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ilOT* 2 oj 9 2 ■" a o a 2 o8 «if sj so a« go go go go g« g^ go gj g
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and proximate result of its negligence. It adds that the evi-
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difference. In Bellevue Hospital, where conditions are ap-
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of Pulmonary Tuberculosis," by Dr. W. W. Bulette, Pueblo, Colo.
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Paralysis of legs ; cold feet and semlstupor : fever. Dura opened
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then somewhat contracted, responding, however, to light ;
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tent. Once these vomerine hypertrophies are started
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ceptance of medical licenses to practice. To this end the fol-
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the nasal bones and elevating them, holding them in their
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Uniform Medical Legislation of the National Confederation of