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The actual time covered by the observations was divided into

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the urine catheterized from the right kid- the antiseptic extremist of the present day.

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very characteristic, consisting of deep-seat- cerebral abscess and on to death. But for-

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dry soil; and these conditions are unfavor- son, unless he lives exclusively in the city;

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§ 85. Etiology. Moore isolated and described a patho-

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type. On the left side of the bridge of the nose there is a

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anatomy in fowl cholera as described by European writers

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reoresents an alaukemic stage of the same the conclusions of Sternberg.

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the experiments at the Salpetriere. is composed of the physicians

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pulse ioo_; respiration 32. There is some about a couple of months later, when he

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throtomy should also occasion it. We should, however, observe

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however, the results of the test experiments with these dif-

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within the scope of this work to present imperfectly developed

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to maintain an absolutely gaping channel, which should extend

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it to serve an excellent purpose in the way of promoting the free action of the kidneys ; thus

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case of punctated keratitis, with syphilitic iritis ; a case of

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rator only claims one case. any form or mixture of forms. If absorp-

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and probably the submucous tissue of the tonsils, fauces, and

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and had been, a fatal epidemic among the horses in Manila, the Quarter-

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of inhalation. M. Titon generally employs a phial, which is held

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especially diarrhoea and fowl cholera, are the diseases liable to

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for further development. The thermostat should be fairly constant, as

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Syrup of Figs — is a simple, safe and reliable laxative, which

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due to a local cause or condition. Animals often suffer from

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commonly in children between one and two years of age, the

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of a gelatinous exudate. The walls of the scrotum may be

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ply. Second is the problem involving the agents, known or unknown, which assist

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thought I could make a radical cure. This was one of those cases

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begins to affect this tissue at that time, a severe lesion may be

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greater is the force required to move the former than the latter —

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obtained. After about 100 passages rabbits will die with cer-