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although a lower temperature also demands the bath when nervous

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him, darkened the urine, and reduced somewhat the quantity

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mixed initial lesion, being a chancre and chancroid coming

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deeply. We will probably utilize such places, but we must

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heat. You will thus avoid cystitis and other horrors in your

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95° F. (35.5°-35° C), while, per contra., the internal or rectal tempera-

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form of tuberculosis of the serous membranes also occurs is undoubted.

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^ Centralblatt fiir Bacteriologie, vol. xviii. Nos. 17 and 18.

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not all, would have been saved by strict cold bathing; and a

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ciation with, and frequent presence in rooms occupied by, tuberculous

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vented a second time from holding a meeting in 1913. there was

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sects carry this fungus from tree to tree. The more wasps

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in the work, has kindly given me a few notes in reference to

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absence of delirium, the unilateral or bilateral location of the disease,

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people in its pestilential march. It was brought to the United States

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breathe deprived of its heat, which heat came originally from

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the patient complains of the heat, he should be persuaded to bear it.

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a collapse of the vessels, and here an evanescent but energetic excita-

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The suspicion of the medical officer was aroused, and on further

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value is so far undisputed that many Prussian professors regard it as

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the great oculist of the city. I saw Liebreich operate a good

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this purpose no procedure is more effective than such a thermic and

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Ihvs. .Xornian ,Maclanrin, ('. F. Clarke, llanna, Oliver ^ialiei'

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and, the head being free, he breathes cooler air. Not only is he thus

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In summer and winter the air of the sick-room should be constantly

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perature, per se, is not to be invariably regarded as an absolute indi-

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from Aufrecht' s method. The patient was put into a bath of the tem-