False Positive Phenytoin

loud bruit is heard which is transmitted along the veins. The veins
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delayed union, but delayed union is liable to occur under many cir-
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readily dilatable and more easily torn. There are three prominent theories
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use of iodine or a twenty per cent, solution of carbolic acid may be resorted
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maturia and hemorrhage from the bowels may occur at the cri-
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there may be phlegmonous signs of a rapidly spreading inflammation.
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becomo frothy, liquid, and blood-stained ; they may bo entirely suppressed.
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the external abdominal ring is compressed, the hydrocele will not dis-
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of the Hiiuute arteries; secondarily the secreting tubes and cells are in-
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just at the edge of the sternum. The pain is usually confined to the sixth,
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hepatic congestion, but without enlargement of the liver, and give rise to
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tumors, which may reach the size of a cherry. They are vascular, or
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haustion which is so marked a feature of the disease. The skin assumes
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itself as a twisting of the vertebra and a partial dislocation of the
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described as related to disease. Some of them are peculiar to animals
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thickening aiid. roughening of the aortic valves lead to no serious
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lung are quite characteristic. An uneven, thin, downy-looking layer of
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it may range between 120 and 150. It bears no relation to the range of
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It is a far more serious process, as it ends in the destruction of the cells ;
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by the morbific agent which is operating to produce the pneumonia ? The
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when comparatively few of the vesicles become hemorrhagic does the case
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Acute or toxic gastritis is a general inflammation of the mucous and sub-
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fibrous tissue is formed, which afterwards contracts and narrows the
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Etiology. — This is obscure ; it may possibly be caused by acute alcoholis-
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organ cannot be successfully removed, and therefore should not be