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Mr. S., of South Hadley, aged about 46 years, desired my attend-
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" ' The most urgent and instant want, not only of the places I have
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Dose.—B.. &C., 3iii.-3i. (13.-30.); D., tilx.-xxx. (.6-2.).
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as oviMruee of pusillanimity on the part of the drarted. and this is
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Dr. Keiller and myself. His paper was received with marked at-
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tion, while the topical application of a watery solution
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gcarcely any danger of rolling a stump too tightly, if only the press-
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incr unhealthy and cranirrenous inflammation. It eannot be ques-
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called for his medicine. She got up, lit a candle, despatched a mes-
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i'he fever was hiirh, the restlessness and irrital)ilily very great, and
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hours. The next morning gastric symptoms showed themselves,
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by the Germans in cerebral and spinal meningitis, to assist
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treatment alone, one failed too rapidly for any treatment to be of
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{Manganese is not used in Bledicine in tJie metallic state.)
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fire. The sulphur not infrequently fails to burn freely, and
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will not bear the human dose of calomel, oil of turpentine,
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of friendly liands, their native State was not unmindful of their sufler-
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with success. I have only used it as a gargle, and cannot speak of
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insoluble in alcohol, but readily soluble in nitric or hydro-
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suffering with constipation and hfemorrhoids. It may be of
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t! .' >t till I was about to be<rin the operation of ty in 2: the femo-
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On exposure to the air it slowly loses valerianic acid.
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no local irritation of the eye, nor dilatation of the pupil, and|
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had held the inquest over the body of Emma Jackson, and I explain-
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combination consists of fluid extract of belladonna, 3 i.;
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were required in consequence of the profuse suppuration, and alter-
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specks of the wings and wing cases), then mucous, and finally
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Mississippi Valley, and promises to be of great advantage to the inte-
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mense flocks of geese, which crossed our path, in regiments, appa-
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both exert a local action and do not affect the iiides of birds.
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being continued from the tumor and to some extent finite through this
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of air, in which case, is but about one hundred and eighty cubic
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Unguentum Hydrargyri Oxidi Flavi. Ointment of Yellow Mercuric
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of liydrastis (1-8 to 1-2), or hydrastine (gr.v.- 3 i), in aqueous
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gent collyrium for subacute conjunctivitis ( to 3 i.).