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the workings of pathogenic germs as a near or remote cause
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of the cutaneous surfaces irritated. Eoehrig also experimented with
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is sometimes absent after a copious intestinal hemorrhage, as well as in
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developed. Here is a scientific explanation of what every
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Puff-Balls. — Gasteromycetes, or puflf-balls, as a rule,
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greatly in different individuals and at different times. Persons who
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hours; fried beef liver, 2j/i hours; calf's liver, i% hours;
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or not violent enough. The blend of the wine gives the color,
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of an entire generation occurring within the space of a few hours
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This matter of intestinal toxaemia is a most interesting
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comparatively a good showing as such flours go. Dr. Kraus,
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In wines there is great roguery. According to Thompson, a
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are Mitchell, father and son, Sinkler, Mills, Chapin, Dercum,
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plegia of the lower extremities, paralysis of the bladder and intes-
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gation cannot be accomplished by the ordinary enema of warm water,
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correctness of the views I desire to impress. Although hyperpyrexia
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sion is sometimes sad, though more often stupid. Generally hyperes-
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does not apply to all grafted trees. The grafted orange-trees
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patent new-process flours contain much less, and much of the
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health. The bad reputation of the cherry as an article of
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physical signs — are sudden in their onset and lead rapidly to an ex-
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an hour. The buccal and pharyngeal eruption is to be treated by gargles
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On a well-conducted dairy farm he would expect the visitor
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killing all diseased animals and burning them. They have
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bacilli. The signs are usually located in the apical region. Resolution
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ticularly to the degree of severity of the type, which vai'ies between
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able from the stand-point of the chemist and of the economist.
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but little less spared than those of the cities of the South. On the other
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