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and if ever troubles of this kind cause him suspicion, have a
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If they do not agree, they probably interfere with the com-
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tions in the type of the disease. These statistics are therefore the
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treatment is resorted to for the restoration of the general condition.
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and 10 were uncomplicated. The duration of his cases was decidedly
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On a well-conducted dairy farm he would expect the visitor
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105°, 106°, or even 107° F. (40.5°-41.6° C.) are common. Hyperpy-
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increases with age. Now, on general principles, thyroid, act-
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quately to be explained only upon the ground of the persistence of
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pulmonary capillaries also. As soon as the surface temperature is
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ing the pseudo-somnolent state in which he almost constantly appears.
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respond to the stages of tuberculization, softening, and cavity-formation.
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Diagnosis. — Epidemics may be characterized by irregular forms of
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(usually an extensor paralysis of the leg) and insanity are observed.
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atic preparations, although experience does not yet give you
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latter into dark pigment-granules as they develop. When the intra-
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of Professor Winternitz. The blood was taken from individuals before
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manifestations arising from imperfect haematosis. To enter into the
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then was invalided out with a pension. That is what is meant by
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endangering the integrity or otherwise interfering with the normal
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champagne, are useful during periods of sudden circulatory depression.
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maine Poisoning — Chronic Ptomaine Poisoning — Ice-Cream and
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pend upon nerve action, and no other remedy is capable of altering
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castor oil, or when the stomach is irritable a dose of calomel, will
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inflammation elsewhere, as claimed by Osier. The appendix is often
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quently recurring epidemic and pandemic visitations were noted, though
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cence. The nephritic symptoms may, however, deepen until uremia
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less distinct, and the pulmonic second sound loses its accentuated char-
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while neither water, oil, nor mercury can be made to pass from the
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an enviable popularity as a method of reducing temperature and pre-
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Beilevue Hospital. "In a few cases the cold bath of 80° E., gradually
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mucous surface of the lips, inside the cheeks, on the tongue, palate, con-
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is much to be said on both sides here. It would be an ideal
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absolute alcohol, with a specific gravity of 0.936. Alcohol
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disclosed in chronic diseases, the degree of heat retention is indicated,
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of delirium, stupor, and the symptoms of motor irritation.
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ness, which is in marked contrast to the previous pallor of the surface,
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consequence of a prior attack, although this does not always follow.
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normal quantity of extractive toxic matter. Robin concludes these
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sunlight and flowers contribute to the cheerfulness of this roam in
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