its reputation, and prevented its progress. In the first place, both the

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2\b. Dunbar. Z)eM^sc/i. wed. TFoc/is«. 1895, p. 1.38. — 22. Eberth. Virchoiv's Archiv,

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assumed in order to mitigate the pain in the muscles of the nucha ; but

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edge of the structure of the different organs as a guide to the use of


technical training in their duties, or at any rate till they cease to despise


rial drink is of service, and fresh or well-cooked fruits are admissible.


the warm vapor. Mr. Fessenden is no adventurer — no quack in philoso-


Central America, the destruction of life has been melancholy in the ex-


Head. — Scalp extremely hard, and as it were cartilaginous under the


height of the disease, before antitoxin has been injected, accompanies


ture of the malady was examined upon philosophical principles, with


heart, so that the master organs essential to the life of the individual

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sions in the other organs as local manifestations of a general infectious

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0-3-0-4 jx was constantly found. The bacilli stained well with ordinary

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required for its protection only one-hundredth part of the dose that

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Miss U., of Clarendon, in this State, has been subject, ever since her

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tion on the lop of the summit. They were partly intended for the pur-

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plished by the wandering cells of mesoblastic origin.

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severe out of the mild form of the disease is frequently observed.

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dissimilar to the North American Indians ; and second, that they were

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bearing-down efibrts of the uterus, and, consequently, the suffering.

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of vitality sooner or later supervenes. This is the stage of collapse, into

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To the naked eye the fibres appear dull and semi-opaque; micro-


In Dublin, again, during 1885 and 1886 a somewhat serious outbreak took



cent in its influence on the heart, although perhaps more immediate in


later it becomes extremely dry and of a mahogany colour. Bilious

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traction of the penis which attends upon this operation, does not proceed


finger over the venous orifice. After the lapse of a few minutes the pa-

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walls of tubercular cavities, and encapsulating tubercles, gummata, and

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did not present apy unfavorable symptoms, excepting some pain in the

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hyaline, are capable under certain conditions of taking up bacteria which

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teria can only end successfully if these are eventually destroyed, and

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impossible the rapid reproduction of fat and the disappearance of the

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London, 1894. — 33. Winternitz, W. "Hydrotherapie," in H. v. Ziemssen's Hand-

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tients sent there from this country.^ The general mortality is also

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of taking up fat globules and food particles from the alimentary

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as relics of the cartilaginous matrix about the sites of primitive joint-

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by a certain amount of gastric disturbance ; and the quantity of sugar

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within certain limits, are fixed and constant. So the nervous fluid pene-

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ter be studied from a bacteriological or etiological point of view, it will

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quotes Hergt as saying, "The rise of the cholera epidemic at any one-

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