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and spinal marrow, more than the cerebral substance and tbe cepbalo-

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a virus which he was able to propagate outside the living organism ;

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of the dura. Upon the brain it is distributed either at the base only

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— to show that any disturbance of the balance of the digestive organs,

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precipitate from a solution of calcium hydrate by weak phosphoric acid.

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16. I was called to the same child, and found it laboring under the

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ing edge of every carcinoma : and nothing identical has, in our opinion,

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and although this method of establishing an artificial resistance against

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number of severe cases to enable us even to come to a provisional

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sion was irresistible, that these two people had a similar origin. Now

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Typhus, Relapsing, and other Fevers. — In arranging the dietary for

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the word is gradually becoming narrowed down to the signification

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Medical Degrees. — At the late Commencement at Bowdoin College, the

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because it is not by repeatedly examining on these occasions, we learn

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in length — they form admirable material for biological study.

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blood and muscle plasma certain proteids of the globulin class. The

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clearly shows the superiority of the former method of antipyretic treat-

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membrane of the stomach by corrosive fluids or disease ; uncontrollable

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inquiry. Why does the bodily temperature rise above the normal ? I

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remove noxious substances from the system, are especially liable to

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gical Fever," Edin. Month. Journ. of Med. Science, November 1850. — 11. Weiss. " On

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An excess of leucocytes was discovered by Virchow, and confirmed by

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those with the teat on the bottle are the best ; the tubes of the ordinary

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evening. Very weak tea or some hot water may be taken an hour after

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Black Death was that disease in a peculiarly malignant form.

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uterus, sympathetically reacting upon the muscular system through the

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the home of the active germ is in the gray mucus of the respiratory

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maintain its improved condition even when the drug is withdrawn.

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The digestive tract forms the principal channel along which the

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sion next morning of about 1° F., so that there is a gradual mean rise