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In many of these experiments records of auricular and ventricular
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disease of the brain or spinal cord, or some affection which paralyzes
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of increased fluids in the blood is well demonstrated.
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heart. By the end of the first minute, however, the action becomes
tose. Death ensued in a few minutes. It should be said that the
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oxygen (Stofella). At the end of an hour the patient may return to
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He was given nine doses of salvarsan and six intraspinal treatments with
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of insertion of the valves and to these cases added a sixth of his own.
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therefore, furnishes more definite evidence of the dependence of inci-
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action of the heart then becomes weak owing to degeneration of the
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Finally there is a form of phlebitis met with in tuberculosis which
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or 42.9 per cent., suffered recurrence in the fourth year and four, or
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sent different stages in the life history of the organism." He describes
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— of the '' antecedent routine," as Prof. Karl Pearson would say.^
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diminish in size and may finally disappear altogether. The limbs
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which immediately concern us we quote ; but there is no difference of
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the " pistol shct" pulse, and the force is so great as to propagate the
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of stercobilin. After a lapse of three weeks, during which time the
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onset, although irregular fluctuations are present. In the 557 recur-
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of the average normal values from the literature before 1905,
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if there be a collection of pus a free vent should be at once given
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correspond to one part wheat bread. In view of this fact it follows
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As an absolute fact the hypertrophy of the left ventricle becomes
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sign in such cases is enlargement of the arteries arising from the arch of
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hard pulse often excites the first suspicion and leads up to the recog-
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severe crisis of pain the cell count temporarily increased. To sum-
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In this combination the aortic valves are most frequently affected
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the previous experimentation on glucose formation took place and
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there seemed very good reason for regarding the jaundice as hema-
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Treatment. — There is nothing to add, as regards the treatment of
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variety must be dealt with as described under nsevi, and the plan
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what had been ingested and what had been formed in the body during
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systolic 130, diastolic 90, and on May 5, systolic 120, diastolic 100.
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by the so-called soda tolerance test of Sellards in nephritis.