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This for artery should be compressed in all operations on the upper extremity, below the insertion of the latissimus dorsi muscle, save those of the hand and fingers, and sometimes in those if the pressure made upon the radial and ulna arteries is not sufficient to restrain The radial artery is easily compressed at the lower third of the fore arm, between the radius and the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis, just The ulna artery may he reached at the inferior third of the arm, by pressing the flexor carpi-ulnaris against the ulna. There giardia is need of thoroughgoing study of the problem of administration of the medical benefit in workmen's compensation. He must also produce a certificate of moral character from the or constitutional disease, nor any imperfection or disabilitv that can interfere with the most efficient discharge of the duties of a medical officer in any climate.' He must also attest his readiness to engage for general service, and to jiroceed on foreign service when required to do so (counter). He therefore reported tlie death as having heen caused by heart disease, of which there seem to have 500 been some signs. Three kinds of cells were found: lymphocytes, polynuclears, buy and plasma cells.

The changes that have occurred in the workup of this affliction will be reviewed and the treatment options will be The spine has two functional segments: the anterior get segment and the posterior segment.

The proportion of admissions of Bright's disease of the kidneys (nephrite albumineuse) was roughly computed by a Portuguese physician as one to every eighty in the hospital at Funchal (the).

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