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' 3irjs are y^'ewed ^'n their loops' and battdrias in -the holding area.

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A very important symptom is the defective intellectual development of

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dered. Probably, however, another circumstance is still more important —

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ezaminerB of the saffioienoy of hie prof eMional knowledge ; provided alweye thftt

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true organic neuralgias, and sometimes we also see a pronounced atrophy of

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regular students through their entire course of study. Eyery candidate

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comprising a large number of pulmonary affections and children's

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often in quite a fixed and definite form, and then dominate more or less all

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the more fortunate cases the condition finally becomes stationary, and the

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of the symptoms is always characteristic. It usually begins with severe pain

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during the period of conception and pregnancy, the offspring is likely to be

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sicians of Ireland, for the Joint License of the Boyal Colleges of

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Fig. 224. — Accident case, with hysterical paresis and

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..r._.<.aDle. and tne catalytic trace metals icopper and iron! to'an extreme -^v.-.-n.

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umamon for an animal in an ^conscious state to choke to death oJ iS vSrtU!

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employed are valerian, of which 1 to 1.5 drachms (gm. 5 to 10) are given

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excitability of the nerves as well as of Trousseau's sign. It is of fundamental

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residing * * * and shall produce or forward to the Branch Begistrar a

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it may be followed under some circumstances by pyelitis and purulent pyelo-

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lie next to one another. It is therefore always of importance in diagnosis to

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illustrated by dissections and preparations. The fifth is awarded

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case each student in occupation pays only half rent and half deposit.

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In regard to treatment, complete rest and the local use of ice are chiefly

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, *';rrer*d or a^plivf^^^^ specif Ib.qtiens an<4 ^evlatjl'^n

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The title of Dentist qualifies its recipient to practice Dentistry and

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Watt, Lucille, s, a, w, Auburn, Ala. S.B. (Judson C.) '18; S.M. '26.

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and genuine tumors is the most difficult. Absence of optic neuritis, a marked

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complete ophthalmoplegia. To these cases may be added those that follow

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Randle Wilbraham Falconer, M.D. Ediii., 22, Bennett-

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must be sought in those parts of the brain which are the most central portions

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ever, and in the corresponding leg the reflexes produced by pricking the soles

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fe<luced bovine tuberculosis aiming an imU and humaps In tfils country. Studies made In

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• 12. Medical Jwrisprudence.-^T^:^ course includes Insanity, to which

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ilis, drunkenness in the progenitors, etc., have been regarded as predisposing

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Exercise of study questions on processed dairy products,

does trazodone work for insomnia tary pipes and fittings. Gaskets, which can be easily cleanldTf^ay S of ?h?s?nqle.

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principally with a lesion of the lower parietal lobule (see also page 477).

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for the Dental License of the College of Surgeons are one course of

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Archibald Hoyne, S.B., M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.

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and poisons have taken their place. The patient develops various mystical