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hsemoglobinuria have been observed. The condition resem-
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2. Simple Purgatives. — These stimulate secretion and
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condition of the gut as upon the dosage, and that, according
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tin, Tenn., from December 1, 1862, to March 31, 1863, by Wm. A. Brown, in charge
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IncompatiUes. — Iron in solution forms a black compound
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of the Viigiis nerve in the centre, or its peripheral termina-
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loses chiefly water. When rapidly heated it is liable to
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fiician.'i, does more harm than is compensated by the benefit derived
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Dr. a. B. Hall's Report on' the Ixspectiok of Recruits.
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appeared weak and exhausted, but excitement increased — running
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solemnity — they must be read in the original to be properly appre-
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t'Tt.'iining. The first part abounds in ai»t dcfifiitions of the terms ap-
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ent and ci>n!>ecutivo dates, will also sliow, in many instances, a very
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Circulation. — Oil of eucalyptus arrests the amoeboid
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against the horizontal ramus of the pubes where it emerges from
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emaciation ; rigidity about as usual. Head. — Both ventricles of the
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iiig; in length and in breadth it shouhl somewhat exceed the diame-
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ration in this report. Of this last, the Surgeon-General says with in-
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escharotic effect and as a stimulant, also Epsom or Glauber's
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are more ejffective whether the object be to simply unload
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cocoU) = HCgHgNO^ (salicylui'ic acid) + HoO ; while some of
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seeking thus its nearest paths of escape from tlie economy. These, it
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therapeutic indications are much the same as for digitalis,
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tartrate are mild, non-astringent preparations, suitable for
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twitching of the muscles (occasionally erythema), and fre-
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made this strong assertion, it may surprise the members of this
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be spasm of the heart ; while Stokes, with Parry, who is still the
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when exhibited after a meal. The carbonate also exerts
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lessen salivary secretion, but atropine is most notable in this
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hospital will accommodate about live huntired and twenty patients,
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occurrence from the administration of large doses (undiluted)
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branes of +lie eyelids, mouth, nose, vagina, urethra and
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gist would make such variable characters the basis of a classifica-
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do away with this objection, it will also become less by careful consi-