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Joseph Bbll, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., President, in the Chairr-'v
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and honours should be dispensed with no niggard hand.
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Council from the decisions of the Courts in Trinidad and
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Heron, Queen's College, Belfast; R. F. Huston, Queen's College.
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local or perhaps a general peritonitis might be the result.
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of the District, will take the chair. A paper will be read by Mr. C. B.
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Birmingham; G. R. F. Stilwell, St. Thomas's Hospital; A. C.
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B.A., Gonv. and Cai. ; Master, B.A.. Gonv. and Cai. ; Menzies, B.A.,
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Local authorities are empowered by Section 131 of the Public
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Batterham, M.B., St. Leonards; Mr. C. E. Bashall, London ; Mr. W.
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glands ; it is not so for the pancreas ; and we must, therefore,
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