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seconds, and then slowly relaxed. The bleeding did not return.

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which carries the steam then follows, the bulb at its lower end

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per cent, carbolic acid does not prevent the putrefaction

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bone; or you may find the bone in a state of chronic inflammation, dark,

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dilated, and contract slowly on the application of light; abdomen very ten-

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only 4.11 per cent., and 859 cases treated with all other Ameri-

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fairlv well with acid stains and blood from the proximal

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observations, hoping thus to secure wider publication.

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and Klein ; that most of them were in perfect health; and that they had

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Massachusetts : Boston, March 23-30, 1 case ; Springfield, March

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sweat, and an intermittent, weak pulse, while the tem-

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calomel, with four of crab's eyes, to be taken morning and evening; and the

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W. J. R., A. S., C. F., and B. J. S., all of Lockport,

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milk in the following conditions, marasmu.<!, gastroenteric in-

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ments with contaminated mosquitoes, and which at once appealed

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retention than smaller ones. A large catheter is much

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pendicitis should not be called appendicitis. Present condi-

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police surveillance. and regulation. It is not, however,

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fact that, except in case of opium, nux vomica and cin-

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Newman, Chicago; Secretary, C. L. Bonifleld, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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which shows itself in a discharge from the nostrils is

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tervals, the attacks coming on several hours after meals

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The professor satisfied himself that bombs collected a sufficiency of this

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with only a day's interval between them. Uhlenhuth's discov-

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Low Mortality. — Another week of remarkably low mor-

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under instructions furnished by the Surgeon-General of

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Seutin, although there was considerable pain, with swelling about the ankle.

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our professions in crowded, cultivated cities, or in thickly settled neighbour-

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In the evening of the same day the croupy cough had disappeared. That

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fused to respond to the administration of quinin; the insolu-

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A. B. Granville, M. D., F. R. S., &c. «&c. 8vo, pp. 353. London, 1838.

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toms. Finally exposure and exertion had broken the limiting

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paid little attention to the injury, the pain disappeared

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ill adapted for any plan of treatment except excision.

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directly toward their eyes, face or head without their

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stroy life. Such patients had better be operated on.

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The patient now passes the entire urine from that kidney

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to the fact that the serum of young rabbits of a litter born

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Of course these operations have been attended with different degrees of

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whole, and those men are accounted great who with a