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afl'ections of the ear. Prof. E. H. Clarke, of Harvard Medical School, has,

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zetia 10 mg website

the following gentlemen were elected to their respective offices :

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tee, the Committee on Credentials, and the Censors will probably oc-

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by alterations of the buildings and by the erection of new ones.

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expectations of its members. A larger number were present than

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moving or ascending; desire to lie down and sleep, with depres-

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reliable and true, then the statements which I make are true, and

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mittees, a new one was appointed on pharmacy. This is a verj^ impor-

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patient, addicted to intemperate habits, gets an attack of fever from

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Health for three years. At first she was held at the hospital for con-

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He also spoke of using pyroligneous acid as an injection in cases of

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the tinnitus aurium, giddiness, and headache, complained of by the

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years. For three years past, she has been distressed more or less

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your attention to the alimentary canal, and endeavour to arrest these

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writers and the profession. The Secretaries should make a careful

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are, to a great extent, two phases of the same phenomenon, differing

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actiyity of Liver and Pancreas, and Corrective of Add Fermentation in the Alimentary Canal ; Iron, the Ozydnii^

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extent than is usual. Cholera morbus has been treated by Ipecac,

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an empty vacuole in fixed material. In Endamoeba coli this is most

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drachm by measure of laudanum ; half an ounce every second hour,

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produces intestinal irritation. None of the purgatives given to chil-

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In Boston, Sept. 19, Solomon D. Townsend, M.D., aged 76. Dr. Town-

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Publick Enemy of all Ell ROPE; and putting a Hook into

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gress of homoeopathy in German}^ as observed during his recent visit.

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last ten years have not passed without advance in surgery. The

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Quantities of Alphozone, sufficient for adequate trial, will be supplied to physicians on request

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